Volunteers needed for GC Stall at Greenbelt – 24-27 Aug

Judith Allinson, GC’s Web Editor writes:-

Are you coming to Greenbelt this summer 24th-27th August 2018, near Kettering, Northamptonshire?

Greenbelt 2017


a) We would be pleased to hear from you if you would like to put in a 2 hour session at GC’s stall at Greenbelt.

b) We are looking for people to help look after our stall and chat to people about our work. If you are interested in helping us, please email ruthjarman@greenchristian.org.uk

c) For those of you who have never camped before and are a bit apprehensive about going by yourself (as was my case two years ago – J.A.) I would thoroughly recommend Camplight – You book and hire a “recycled” tent that has been put up waiting ready for you. A package for one costs £54 and includes (I think) 1 x Pop Up Tent for 1, 1 x Thermrest, 1 x Sleeping Bag, 1 x Camp Chair. Or just the popup tent by itself is £30. It means you can travel light to the festival. (The popup tents are very small.)

Here are links to posts and pictures about GC at Greenbelt in previous years:

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6 comments on “Volunteers needed for GC Stall at Greenbelt – 24-27 Aug
  1. Toni Bennett says:

    I would be happy to help in exchange for a free ticket. I have a small camper car, may prefer to camp nearby rather than on site if I can find a site with cycling distance.

    • Ruth Jarman says:

      Thanks so much for offering, Toni. I think we have enough people for paid tickets now, but we would love to see you and always appreciate the extra hour or two of help if you are coming anyway.

  2. Mr Paul R. Allen says:

    I might be interested in going to the green belt 2018 to help out but am on poor Money and have No Transport.
    I’m willing to set up and/or take down and help serve at the Stall for 2 hours. Also I haven’t got a tent.

  3. Mr Paul R. Allen says:

    I live 20/25 miles from Kettering in Rugby Warwickshire.

  4. Gina Hoff says:

    Did you find anyone to help with the GC stall at Greenbelt?

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