Note during the period of changeover from CEL to Green Christian, some  leaflets will still carry the CEL branding.
The following leaflets are freely downloadable.  Printed versions can also be ordered from Green Christian. Bulk orders are currently available for Use your LOAF and Nine Ways. resources@greenchristian.org.uk

Churches in Transition Green Christian and the Transition Towns movement.
Eco Check Up For Churches Use this check list to see how your church is doing.
Use your LOAF leaflet Explains the LOAF principles for sourcing food.
Nine Ways to Live Gently on the Earth Nine suggestions for reducing your contribution to climate change.
Way of Life Community A Community of believers where care for God’s creation in all its forms is a fundamental outworking of their faith. The Way of Life Community calls for deeper engagement and shared encouragement. Followers of the Way are called ‘Companions’
Resources Gives details of Green Christian’s publications and other resources.
Saving Wildlife (+Biodiversity)

The following leaflets are the inside story from Green Christian on a variety of different topics. They are freely downloadable. Please feel free to print them out or forward them on.

Local Group Briefing doc or pdf file Gives suggestions of how to start a Green Christian Local Group

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