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Green Christian, Summer 2018, Issue 85

Lament, Wonder and Hope

Green Christian Issue 85 Cover Image

  • Editorial:  A magnificent journey
  • Language that connects  Jeremy Wiliams shares some persuasive ideas
  • Hope in the darkness  Ruth Wilde accentuates the positive in the Student Christian Movement’s climate change campaign
  • Becoming an EcoChurch in a small rural community  Mark Boulton recommends giving it a go
  • Joy in Enough’s The Big Workshop  Jenny Tibbles describes the fun of spending less and living more
  • We shall go out with joy  Hilary Ash explores different types of Forest Church
  • My Father’s handiwork  John Barnett shares a parable of brokenness and mending
  • Out of the wilderness  Paul Bodenham offers encouragement for us to find our way home
  • Don’t mention the warming  Stephen Edwards gives tips for talking climate in church
  • We lament what we love  Matt Stemp calls us to face our despair
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Previous Editions

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Treasuring the Earth
GC83-smallSummer 2017 Issue 83
Valuing the Earth
GC82-smallWinter 2016 Issue 82
Art of the Possible
GC81-smallSummer 2016 Issue 81
O Taste and See!
GC80-smallWinter 2015 Issue 80
Population out of control?
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Seeds of Change


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Editorial Policy
Green Christian is intended as a forum for Christians of all traditions to reflect on and contribute to current thinking in the green movement.  Items in Green Christian Magazine reflect the views of their author and not necessarily those of GC.

Basis of Faith
We affirm our belief in God as Creator of all things and in Jesus Christ as Lord, looking to the Holy Spirit for guidance through the Scriptures, and seeking to hear Him in the challenges of the present time.

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