Joy in Enough

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Press Release, 31 March: Manifesto and Report on the Joy in Enough Conference 29 March 2014
Reports from the Conference

The age of growth economics is over. If we try and carry on, our legacy to the next generation will be a ruined planet, inescapable debt and brutal inequality. There is an alternative.

‘Joy in Enough’ is Green Christian’s campaign to promote a new way of thinking about the economy. Join with Green Christian, A Rocha, SPEAK and others as we seek to empower ordinary people to take back the economy from the economic elite, understand the alternatives, and seek a role the Church can play in the transformation.

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Working groups

Five Working Groups (WGs) are discussing the different requirements for the transition to an economy that promotes well-being sustainably.  More information on the five  themes can be found on the Working Groups page. These groups will continue to grow and flourish feeding on issues developed and raised through our recent Conference 29 March 2014.

 Get in touch with Tony Emerson if you want to find out more about our ‘Joy in Enough’ project. Tel 0208 769 4078 or email: