GC E-News 69: Happy Christmas – and six topics.

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Happy Christmas to visitors to this website
and Best wishes for 2018

Six topics

1. GC “On the Road Together” events in 2018: 1st event 3 Feb

2. What is Joy in Enough (JiE) really all about? 

3. Pre-Order bulk copies of 2018 Storm of Hope pamphlet by 2 January 

4. Way-Talk: GC Way of Life Page with videos

5. GC’s 2018 retreat: “A Heart for the Earth” 6-8 July

6. Christian Climate Action “Pope Francis & Martin Luther visit”


1. Green Christian “On the Road Together” in 2018

Green Christian is coming to a place near you! First stop London, 3 rdFebruary, St Aloysius Church Hall, London NW1 1TA. We’re planning other events in Derby, East Anglia and Bristol. Each “On the Road Together” day will include sharing what it means to live the Green Christian Way of Life and a test drive of another Joy in Enough Café Conversations module. Cost free – but donations on the day welcome.

To book your place at the London day email George.dow@greenchristian.org.uk

To find out more click here


2. What is Joy in Enough (JiE) really all about? 

What in practice are we trying to do?  And how do we differ from many other organisations, Christian and secular, with somewhat similar aims?

These are questions we are frequently asked – and indeed that we ask ourselves in the thirty-strong JiE “College” – the group of people who are offering us specialist help in developing this programme.

What is our “USP” (unique selling point) – a question we very frequently raise amongst ourselves?

We also claim to be building a spirited movement. This claim got Tony Emerson thinking laterally…

Can we visualise the JiE programme as a building inspiring a spirited movement?

Read more:  http://www.greenchristian.org.uk/building-joy-in-enough/


3. Order copies of 2018 Storm of Hope pamphlet 

The theme for 2018 is “A Way of Life with Green Christian”

Each year members and friends have ordered extra copies to hand out to their churches or to other groups. We can send as many as you like – 50, 100, 200, more. Please email Ruth at info@greenchristian.org.uk with your name, postal address and the number of copies you want. You can see last year’s Storm of Hope here: http://www.greenchristian.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/soh/soh-2017.pdf     This offer is free, but donations towards printing and postage are always welcome! Please reply by Tuesday 2nd January . Thank you.


4. Way-Talk

Green Christian’s Way of Life Community now has a page for videos. First up is George Dow explaining first-hand what it is like to be a “Companion”. Visit our new “ Way Talk ” page and leave us your comments. http://www.greenchristian.org.uk/waytalk/


5. Green Christian’s 2018 retreat: “A Heart for the Earth” 
6-8 July 2018, Minsteracres Retreat Centre, Consett, Co Durham, DHL 9RT. You are invited to a weekend with members of Green Christian’s Way of Life Community. It takes place at Minsteracres  in a beautiful wooded 110-acre estate in north-east England.
What do our hearts ask of us in these extraordinary times?  At our 2018 annual retreat weekend we will listen. We will encounter the peace which comforts and disturbs, which both welcomes us home and sends us out. So this will be a weekend of attentiveness and resistance. We will walk with Jesus through Philippians 2, his journey of passion and resurrection. All welcome – put the date in your diary now.  For further details when confirmed, please contact George.dow@greenchristian.org.uk

6. Christian Climate Action “Pope Francis & Martin Luther visit” 

Some GC members are also members of Christian Climate Action who recently, with ‘Pope Francis’ and ‘Martin Luther’ visited a government department calling for a ‘radical reformation of the economy’

Best wishes for Christmas.

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