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BUILDING Joy in Enough

What is Joy in Enough (JiE) really all about?  What in practice are we trying to do?  And how do we differ from many other organisations, Christian and secular, with somewhat similar aims?  These are questions we are frequently asked – and indeed that we ask ourselves in the thirty-strong JiE ‘College’ – the group of people who are offering us specialist help in developing this programme.

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the Big Workshop: 18 November Sheffield

The movement is building.  If you want to join us, we want to hear from you.

We are Christians seeking a new one-planet economy: one in which well-being and justice grows from within ecological limits.  This is no ‘dismal science’.  It is a joyful art and a sacred enterprise.  

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Thoughts: On localisation

Developing a Deeper Understanding of Localisation

Localisation is pretty central to the Joy in Enough message.  Not just because it reduces travel demand and the carbon emissions arising from global trade and tourism. Not just because it supports local food production. Not just because it supports ‘buying local’ and the promotion of local industries and services (including and the renovation and re-use services). 

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Sermon Luke 12: 32- 40 A sermon for Joy in Enough – Good News for the “anxious middle”

It is often said that the gospel has a bias to the poor but reading Luke 12:32-40   alongside Luke 12:13-21 what I detect is good news for the anxious middle. Those who have something to sell but are worried about the value of what they have to sell,

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Prosperity without growth: inspiration rewarded

Professor Tim Jackson has been awarded the 2016 Hillary Laureate for his widely respected work as an ecological economist at the University of Surrey.

Just before Christmas Professor Tim Jackson of the University of Surrey was presented with the 2016 Hillary Laureate.

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Stop the Solar Tax Hike!

Green Christian has joined the campaign to “Stop the Solar Tax Hike”. We are one of over 160 NGOs, schools, academics, energy providers and public institutions who have signed a letter asking the Chancellor to stop the proposed rise in business rates for solar panels.

Smaller companies and public sector organisations such as state schools and hospitals could face a six- to eightfold increase in the tax.

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Report on Brexit Workshop at GC AMM

Andrew Norman, a CofE minister in Guidlford attended GC Annual Members Meeting and Workshop on Brexit on November 5th 2016. He writes:


Following the business, Paul Bodenham introduced a workshop in which we considered the aftermath of Brexit. What did we think a ‘good Brexit’ would look like?

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Enough is Plenty – Reclaiming the Common Good

Report on an event at the Agápē Centre (South Belfast Methodists), 24 September 2016

Tony Weekes, South Belfast Quaker Meeting

‘Enough is Plenty’ is the title of an event which took place at the Agápē Centre (South Belfast Methodists) on the afternoon of Saturday 24 September.

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