Church of England breaks its Engagement with Fossil Fuels at Staged Wedding

On Monday 8th May, Christian Climate Action staged a wedding between the Church of England and fossil fuels to protest the Church’s continued investment in the industry. The sketch and short prayer vigil, which involved some members of Green Christian,  took place on the steps of Church House, Dean’s Yard,

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Stopped flying? Take this survey!

If you have given up flying, you’ve doubtless also discovered the costs – and not just financial ones.  You can meet uncomprehending attitudes from family and friends, and cut yourself off from activities they enjoy.  It can be hard, as I have found since I took my last flight 12 years ago.

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the Big Workshop: 18 November Sheffield

The movement is building.  If you want to join us, we want to hear from you.

We are Christians seeking a new one-planet economy: one in which well-being and justice grows from within ecological limits.  This is no ‘dismal science’.  It is a joyful art and a sacred enterprise.  

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SARX Creature Conf: part 3 of 3



Derek Pamment attended the Creature Conference – Is Christianity Good News for Animals? organised by SARX on 18 March 2017 and writes:-


The Creature Conference presented the best of the recent,

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SARX Creature Conf: part 2 of 3

Matthew Stemp writes about the Sarx Creature Conference

(See links to other reports at end)

The Sarx Creature Conference was advertised as a ‘ground-breaking’ event to help Christians engage theologically and practically with question of how a life of faith relateAudiences to the lives of animals. 

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SARX Creature Conf: part 1 of 3

Roundtable-croppedGreen Christian held a stall at the conference organised by SARX 
on Sat 18 March 2017  at Oasis Conference Centre, London SE1. 

SARX is A UK Christian charity dedicated to Animal Welfare

The three members of Green Christian who ran the stall give accounts of the conference:
Howard Gardener reports:-

(See end of post for links to the other reports and to the SARX website.)



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Greening Baildon Meth. Church: 2

Judith Allinson writes:-

Hey Everyone,

I’m going to tell you about the Eco-Features we discovered when a group of us visited Baildon Methodist Church: (One member suggested writing it up- she thought people from her church might like to come. And so might others)

Eco-Walk and visit to Baildon Eco Church 11 April 2017 –

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Greening Baildon Meth. Church: 1

Apple blossom Baildon Methodist ChurchHave you found it hard to get green issues raised at your church? This article tells how one man got things going at his church and how others have carried it forward.

John Anderson of Baildon Methodist Church is a Local Preacher in the Bradford North Methodist Circuit.  

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