Plastic Reductions – Article for Parish Magazines

Barbara Echlin writes:

Some items are made up of different materials such as the pringles package.

Some items are easily recycled – , such as the plastic bottle of drinking


water, but the sheer number of them we are using is mind-blowing.

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Environment Songs Workshop at Settle Folk Gathering

Judith Allinson describes:-

Do you enjoy singing and music?  Do you enjoy being in nature and are you concerned about care of the environment? I answer yes for all – so have enjoyed collecting songs about care for the environment.

The Environment Songs workshop

  • held as a “Fringe”

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Slow travel Part Five: Learning from each other

Chilly mornings give way to warm and sunny days, and then the evenings become chilly again. Tonight is still and clear, and a star-gazing walk is planned later, after “Redeeming Eurovision” – home-made entertainment from the different nations represented here.

Almost at the end of the conference, I am very glad that I travelled,

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Slow Travel Part Four: Christian Environmental Conference

There was a lull in the wind last night and at 2am I got up for a comfort break, and spent some time walking around the grounds in the moonlight (slightly nervous in case I encountered a wolf). The wind came back in full force a short while later, but it was a magical experience.

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Slow Travel Part 3: European Environmental Conference

I got the tent up, chased out a cricket, made my bed, and ate a delicious supper in our multi-national dining room. Most people speak good English, but for the plenary sessions (all in English) an interpreter has been arranged. We were welcomed in the first plenary session by Jean-Francois Mouhot,

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Slow Travel: Part Two

I’m not sure you ever sleep properly on a sleeper train, but it’s a very convenient way to travel. I got up early and watched the southern French scenery – La Roque Brune, a spectacular rocky outcrop which as its name suggests is brown; pine trees;

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Slow Travel: Part One

I was planning earlier this summer to write about a family trip to Brittany from Bristol – 284kg of carbon per person emitted by flying, against 14kg carbon travelling by train and ferry. I was astonished at the carbon savings. It would have been around 21 hours’ travelling time, and slightly more expensive than flying,

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Frank Regan’s talk for Cheltenham Green Christian Group – “Do this in remembrance of me”

Martin Davis records the meeting on 6 September of Cheltenham Green Christian group.

Writer and theologian Frank Regan’s return visit to Cheltenham last evening (after 8 years) was in order to consider the subject “Our late great Planet Earth: can we change direction? Explorations and reflections on Laudato Si’”.

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