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“Learning to Live in Earth as our Common Home:
Teilhard de Chardin and ecological living as spiritual life.”
at Ringsfield Hall, Suffolk


The Gathering

Join us for a Green Christian weekend of companionship, stimulating talks, discussion, prayer and good food at Ringsfield EcoActivity Centre,

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GC E-News 55: 21 March 2017

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Dear .. Reader ..

I hope you enjoyed the First Day of Spring –

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Wealth & Well-being: J.D. Anderson

John D Anderson writes:-


Are wealth and well-being the same?

Etymologically, yes. In our modern minds, no.

Many words that used to concern morality now relate to money. “Economics” dealt with the good management of the home. Now it embraces the production and consumption of all goods and services.

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Green Lent – Local Activities

Many people do special things for Lent. See what some GC members have written:

1. LC: Given up drinking anything except tap water. 

My husband and I have given up drinking anything except tap water.  This is for two environmental reasons, as well as a general challenge.

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GC Meetup W&N Yorks: 11 Apr

Local Green Christian Meetup – at – Baildon Methodist Church, BD17 5NH
Tue 11 Apr (9.30-) 10.45 -1pm (-3pm)


  • Individuals in North and West Yorkshire, of any denomination, interested in care of the natural world
  • Local members of “Green Christian”
  • People on the former Bradford Diocese Earth Care List:


Nature Walk
Prayer Walk
Tour of Eco-Features of Baildon Methodist Church (It has several Eco-Congregation Awards)
A sharing of ideas
Followed at 1 pm by the opportunity to sit in at Baildon Speakers Club – see how it functions;  

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Anabaptist-GC Day: 3 June: Coventry

Poster for Anabaptist Day 3 JuneAnabaptist Network Environment Conference:

This year’s Anabaptist conference is concentrating on the Environment, and Green Christian is a partner in the event.

Anabaptist/Green Christian conference: Is religion costing us the earth? 10.30-16.15 – Warwick Road United Reformed Church, 10 Warwick Road, 

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Report: Eco-Action Day, Ilford

Green Christian member Peter Musgrave writes about the Eco Action Day at his church. 

Local Volunteers work together to make Community Building more Energy Efficient

On Saturday February 4th, Vine Church  hosted an Eco Action Day at their Holstock Road Community Halls, in Ilford. Over 40 volunteers from all section of the Ilford community most with no church connections came along to help.

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Thoughts: On localisation

Developing a Deeper Understanding of Localisation

Localisation is pretty central to the Joy in Enough message.  Not just because it reduces travel demand and the carbon emissions arising from global trade and tourism. Not just because it supports local food production. Not just because it supports ‘buying local’ and the promotion of local industries and services (including and the renovation and re-use services). 

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