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PRESS RELEASE – for immediate release

Green Christian would like to meet green Christians.
2018 is the year that Green Christian goes On the Road.
The national organisation Green Christian, formerly known as Christian Ecology Link, is running a series of FREE events aimed at introducing more people to its campaigns and resources.

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Cuppa coffee anyone?

Deborah having coffee at the station

This article first appeared in April 2016.

This week (Jan 2018) Deborah was interviewed by Premiere Radio on the topic of “Should we pay 25p for disposable coffee mugs?” – You can hear the recording here, 20 minutes in.

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… one lightbulb at a time?

Written by Barbara Echlin

If we are told that we can bring climate change to a halt by changing the lightbulbs in our house, it sounds out of all proportion to the massive and complex problem of global warming.

But our small action is part of the solution.

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Recycling in church

Do you have recycling bins in church?  Even if you do, do you find strange things in them?  Like plastic cups, cake, snotty tissues? (Since when can we recycle snot? What would we recycle it into?)  The green team at my church are attempting to help our church in this rather rudimentary earth-caring activity.  

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New Year 2018 Resolutions

The end of the year is a nice comfortable time – One can stay inside in the warm  and imagine all the new resolutions that can be made on 1 Jan… even if most of them are abandoned by Jan 11th.  … What resolutions will you make?

Is there anything you have learned in 2017 that you would like to pass on to others?

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Order copies of 2018 Storm of Hope pamphlet by 2 Jan

3. Order copies of 2018 Storm of Hope pamphlet
The theme in 2018 will be “A Way of Life with Green Christian”

Each year members and friends have ordered extra copies to hand out to their churches or to other groups. We can send as many as you like –

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Greetings from Rainforest Fund Coffee Morning, Settle

Wildlife on our planet is decreasing in our generation – in Your and my time.  Over 50 percent of wild animals on our planet have gone in the last 40 years, and wild habitat continues rapidly to be lost to agriculture, grazing etc.

We cannot sit back and do nothing.

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GC E-News 69: Happy Christmas – and six topics.

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Happy Christmas to visitors to this website
and Best wishes for 2018

Six topics


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