the Big Workshop: 18 November Sheffield

Joy in Enough: the Big Workshop
Saturday 18 November 2017
Victoria Hall, Norfolk Street, Sheffield S1 2JB

 It’s time to create an economy which is good news for the Earth and all its people. The Big Workshop will be a day building a faith-led movement for a truly sustainable economy. Let’s do it together.


Come to our Big Workshop. Together we will:

  • share and discuss our Joy in Enough Declaration setting out God’s vision for our world in which all might live together in happiness and fulfilment without endangering the future of our common home.
  • try out one of the modules in a learning guide we are preparing for church groups to explore the possibilities of an economy which is just, equal and environmentally sustainable. In our Joy in Enough programme we are drawing on the treasures of our Christian faith to build a new economy where there is enough for everyone without transgressing or exceeding our earth’s limits.
  • build alliances with other organisations working for the transition to new economy
  • meet others who are seeking fullness of life for people and the Earth


The Big Workshop is for:

  • individuals who would like to develop their ideas further in this area, and to help build a movement for change to a truly sustainable economy
  • representatives of organisations with whom collaboration would be of mutual benefit

To book your place at the Big Workshop, or to become a founder, contact us here to say hello and introduce yourself, and then follow the link provided to book. A suggested donation of £25 will be invited from participants. Please pay this either as you book, or on the day. A sandwich lunch is included, plus tea and coffee. Bookings by 10 November. The Big Workshop is part of Green Christian’s Joy in Enough initiative. To find out more visit ourJoy in Enough home page.

Outline programme
Registration, networking and alliance building from 9.30
11.00   Welcome and introduction to Joy in Enough
11.15   Decision time for humanity: presenting our vision for a new economy
12.20  Introduction to the afternoon
12.30  Sandwich Lunch provided by a local catering firm followed by:
1.30   Café conversations: an opportunity working in groups to sample one of the modules in the Joy in Enough programme.
3.00    Tea break and evaluation of the pilot module in small groups

3.30   Theory and practice of change: ideas on how best to reach opinion formers and the public
3.45   Plenary evaluation

4.00    Next steps
4.15    An act of founding, prayer and worship
4.30    Close

At 10am, before the Big Workshop begins, you are invited to the Annual Members’ Meeting of Green Christian – non-members very welcome.




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